Even though She's sick, Park Min Jung is still entertaining with sexy poses

Park Min Jung is still entertaining with sexy poses

Lamenting a sore throat, pain and not being able to broadcast, this female streamer left fans confused while still showing off her body, posing sexy. Not on the air due to the Covid-19 infection, but the streamer continues to flaunt his body regularly.

Epidemics have affected many areas of life, and even bands are no exception. In fact, many people have to stop broadcasting for a long time due to health reasons. Most of them received a lot of sympathy from fans as well as viewers for this force majeure reason, but the case of Park Min-jung, the streamer in the story below, is quite the opposite.

Park Min Jung is still entertaining with sexy poses

Therefore, Park Min Jung is very famous and is known as a top female streamer on AfreecaTV. However, this has nothing to do with the sexy girl's playing skills, when the beauty and sexiness of female streamer Park is the highlight. He's even been on the cover of MAXIM - a famous men's magazine, he understands how powerful Min Jung is. Recently, the sexy girl surprised many after announcing that she had "2 lines" with Covid-19 and announcing that she would stop broadcasting.

Park Min Jung is still entertaining with sexy poses

And even though it is not broadcast, Park Min-jung is still working very hard to update his personal information and status on his personal page. However, one thing that has taken many fans by surprise is that even though she is constantly complaining that she still has a sore throat, the streamer is still working hard to post sexy cosplay pictures, showing off her boobs. sensuality through bold cut-out clothing. This makes it difficult for many people to understand, when even though he doesn't have the strength to go live, Park Min-jung still has enough energy for photos that show such a body, even eager to pose.

Under the picture, many fans of the streamer are praising her increasingly sexy beauty, but other than that, there is no shortage of opinions that Park Min-jung doesn't seem to care much about her work. broadcasting - what made him what he is today. Recently, the sexy girl seems to just want to find a way to show off her sexy self.


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